Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Ryobi whole stud finder may possibly be the best stud finder on the market

          Model # ESF5000

There are a lot of great tools from a lot of great companies on the market today, but for some reason, the one thing they all seem to struggle with is making a decent stud finder.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Husky retractable ratchet strap review

Have you ever seen someone driving down the highway at 80 mph carrying a dresser that was about ready to fly out of the back of their truck because they were to lazy to tie it down? If so, it may have been me, as I really hate fumbling around with ratcheting straps. For some reason, I always seem to get frustrated easy while with working the damn things to the point I give up and toss them aside.

Monday, July 31, 2017

The All New Stile Anderson 22 in. Enclosed Ceiling Fan

I'm the kind of person that like to open the windows and feel a nice breeze in the summer rather than closing up all the windows and cranking the air. One of the problems with this is that some of us have limited space to put a fan to cool us down.

Monday, July 24, 2017


This is your chance to win a free.. yes FREE!!! Milwaukee fastback utility knife. 


There will be two Milwaukee Fast Back Utility Knives given away in this drawing. All that you need to do is post in the comment section the following words (I want that Knife). Make sure to leave your first name and the first initial in your last name so you can be entered into the drawing. 

1. The drawing will last for one week only (end date 7/31/2017). No new entries after 12:00pm on Monday July, 31 2017 will be excepted. 

2. The drawing will be held on Monday 7/31/2017 and the winner will be posted on this page Monday night in the comment section.

3. Names in the comment section will be pulled randomly from a box. The first two names pulled will win the prize. 

4. Once your name is drawn, you have 1 week to contact us to claim your prize. Winners are asked to email us using the contact form located on the main page. 

5. Once you claim your prize, the item will be shipped directly to you free of charge. (USA Lower 48 States only).

And that's it! 

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Congratulations to Govind P and Curtis Cannon on winning the Milwaukee Fastback ll Utility Knives!!


Sunday, July 23, 2017

How to properly research a tool before you buy it.

We've all been there. You see a commercial showing off the latest and greatest tool to hit the market, only to find out how bad it sucks once you get it home. In the old days, the best way to research a tool before making the buy was word of mouth. If you were lucky, you may have had a neighbor that already had the item you were looking at, and let you borrow it for a day or two, but now information relating to tools, home electronics, appliances or any other gadgets that your interested in can be found with a few stokes of the keyboard. In the post, we will look at the six best ways to research your tools, or any other item before buying them.

#6 Go to the store:

One of my favorite stores to visit is the Home Depot. I always feel like a kid in a candy store when I go there, but I don't just drive there to buy bug spray. Stores like Home Depot and Lowes actually have display tools that they allow you to test before buying. The brick and mortar stores hold a huge advantage over the online stores as they let you physically feel, see, hear and hold the item in your hand rather than just staring at a picture of it online. That being said, you may not be able to build a shed with the display drill, but you can definitely drive a few screws into a 2x4 while your there.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

How to get televison and movies 100% free!

When I was a kid, i absolutely loved going to the movies to see the next big blockbuster of the year. Back in the day, you would only have to beg your parents for a $10 bill, and that would cover two tickets and a drink to share with you girl.

The early days
As with anything, times have changed. The days of paying only $10 to fill up the gas tank, and $5 for a movie ticket are long gone, and a $100 night out at the cinema with the family is an all to true reality.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Amazon Prime Day is a bust for shoppers looking for a deal.

Amazon Prime Day is upon us once again, and once again it feels like an Amazon garbage clean out day. As a Prime member, I was excited about finding great deals not only in the tool section, but other home and tech category... They never came.

What is Prime Day:

In case you live under a rock, Amazon Prime Day is a one year event that is only open to Prime members. It's like cyber Monday in July where Prime members can find great deals on items such as tools, home appliances, game, toy etc. The only problem is, those deals never really came.

Ryobi whole stud finder may possibly be the best stud finder on the market

          Model # ESF5000 There are a lot of great tools from a lot of great companies on the market today, but for some reason, the on...