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Top ten best tools you can buy your man for Christmas in 2017

Women, if there is one thing your man would never be disappointed opening on Christmas morning, it's a new tool. Sure guys will tell you how happy they are to receive some fancy flannel pajamas, socks or the dreaded sweater that's makes them itchy and miserable all day, but deep down inside, their not! That being said, we are going to show you the top ten tools that will have your man smiling from ear to ear on Christmas morning.

# 10 Milwaukee Fastback Utility Knife.
Model # 48-22-1903

Not all of the best tools need to break the bank. in fact, some of the cheapest tools usually turn out to be the coolest. The Milwaukee Fastback makes for a perfect stocking stuffer. It's small, light just plain awesome.

The Fastback opens and closes effortlessly with a flick of the wrist, and holds an extra blade that's kept in a hidden compartment that folds out of the knife.

Extremely heavy duty, easy to use and heavy duty. Not to mention, it's a great buy for only around $14.00.

#9 The Makita LXT Brushless, Cordless Miter Saw.
Model # XSL06PT
This next tool is far from a stocking stuffer. As a matter of fact, Santa may not even be able to fit this one under the tree. The Makita LXT battery operated miter saw (yes battery operated) is not only portable, but extremely durable.

Believe it or not, every homeowner should have one if these bad boy, as they are extremely versatile tools. From hanging molding, making bird houses to building a new deck or tree house, a miter saw is needed to make flush and accurate cuts. The cool thing about this miter saw, is that it's extremely portable, and won't need an extension cord to power it.

This saw can be purchased in a kit and will come with two large, very powerful 5Ah batteries. It also comes with a duel battery charger, and blade to get your man building as soon as he opens the box.

Now, as awesome as this saw is, it comes with a bit of a price tag. The kit runs around $650.00, but even if you don't want to spend this much cash, corded miter saws that are just as good, if not better and can be purchased for half the cost. Your really paying for the portability and extras with this one.

#8 Folding Sawhorses

Model # DWST11155
Ask any man if he has a pair of sawhorses in the garage, and he will probably tell you yes. Now ask that same guy if he likes that pair of sawhorses, and he’ll probably tell you no.

Dewalt has really done the impossible and came out with an inexpensive 32” metal folding sawhorse that is not only built extremely well, but you can store these without taking up hardly any room at all.
The frame of these horses are all metal with a hard plastic top. Each side of the sawhorse will accept a 2X4 in each slotted grove that allow you to turn the saw horses into a work table.
The other nice thing about these is that you can snap them together and carry them at the same time when folded up. The built in handle really makes these easy to move around, and finding a storage area will not be an issue.
Each saw horse is sold separately, but they only run around $40.00 a piece ($80.00 for 2) which is not too bad for what you’re getting. Trust me, there is nothing worse than using a chap plastic sawhorse while working on something that you need to keep steady. Your man will thank you for it.   

#7 Ryobi Impact Driving Kit (68-Piece)

Model # AR2026
Even with heavy use, many drill and impact bits are built to last a very long time. This means absolutely nothing to a man, as we will probably lose them way before the give out anyway.

Ryobi just released their new impact driving kit in different sizes, but for a few dollars more, the 68 piece is probably you best buy.
The set has nut driver, hex fasteners, Philips head, slotted head bit and ever adaptors. The entire impact driving kit will only run you around $20.00, and that includes a hard case that is compatible with the Ryobi DocKit system.
Even if you lose a few, there are plenty more in in the case that will get you through.

#6 Ridgid 18-Volt Hybrid Forced Air Heater
Model # R8604241B
There is nothing worse for a guy to leave his warm house for a bitterly cold garage, but for $129.00 there is a solution to that problem. 

After testing many different types and brands of outdoor heaters, the Ridgid 18V Hybrid heater took the top spot.

This heater is extremely portable as it can be ran off of a Ridged battery or an electrical cord. No more trying to fine a place to plug into during those tail gating parties, or even while camping. Just hook it up to a vas grill style propane tank, and your ready to go.

The heater has different heat setting so you can control how hot you want your space to be, and the man in your life can heat up a 2 car garage in minutes. Not to mention, it will run for a full 12 hours on a 20 gallon tank of propane!

That being said, you want to ensure that you have the proper ventilation in the area of use, so be sure to read the safety instruction located in the manual before using.

#5 Milwaukee M12 FUEL 12-Volt Cordless Brushless 1/4 in. Hex Impact Driver Kit With Free PACKOUT Case

Model # 2453-21P
Many homeowners own a drill, but just as many have no idea how much better your life would be if they owned an impact driver instead. 

Drills are great for... well drilling, but impact drivers, wrenches, guns or whatever you want to call them are best for driving screws, bolts and nuts.

Milwaukee's new 1/4" impact driver proves that big things come in small packages. This kit is perfect for around the house or the construction site. 

It comes with the driver, a 12v battery, charger and a really nice case to keep it protected for $99.00 . As for power, it will pack as big of punch as a larger impact gun, but takes up half the space. You can also use the Ryobi impact bits that we looked at above with this driver.

When your hunka, hunka burning love gets his hands on this tool, he'll never look at his drill the same way again.
#4 Campbell Hausfeld 4.6 Gal. Twinstack Electric Quiet Compressor

Model # DC040500
One of the most used tools in ones shop or garage is an air compressor. It does not matter if you are filling a flat tire, inflating a ball for your kids, using a nail gun to build a deck or even painting, an air compressor is a must have.

Even small compressors hold their weight in gold, and the Campbell Hausfeld is a quiet little monster that would make any guy happy. for around $249.00, you get a great built compressor that has no problem hitting 90psi in a few minutes.

The compressor is extremely light, powerful and very silent while filling up. Its also very portable, and will allow you to transfer it to any work area that needs a bit of air. They also made everything easy to use, and adjustments are super easy to make. Your man would get much use out of this baby.

#3 Milwaukee Screwdriver Set (8-Piece)

Model # 48-22-2718

If there is one this a guy never has enough of, it screwdrivers. Milwaukee really upped the game with their new screwdriver sets.

The tipped are magnetic, hardened steel that should last an eternity, and the shafts are hexed, so you can use a wrench to turn them.

They also included a lanyard hole on each handle, and a large identification mark on the bottom to help those who may have a hard time seeing find the correct screwdriver.

For $24.00, your guy will get some extremely tough, comfortable screwdrivers with a lifetime warranty.

              #2 RIDGID Flip Top Portable Work Support

Model # AC9934
If there is one thing any guy would use in the shop, it's an extra set of hands. How many times has your guy asked you to hold this, or lean on that?

Ridgid's flip top portable work stand is really just like having a third hand. It doesn't matter if your are cutting wood on a table saw, ripping lumber on a miter saw, need a place to set a painting project or just looking for a place to rest the beer, this does it and does it well.

Whats really great about this stand is that it adjust up and down for different height requirements, and the top also tilts. This is probably one of my most used tool in the garage, and not sure how I ever worked without it.

For around $29.00, your man will no longer be requesting you to be his human jack stand, and will most certainly have him grinning from ear to ear on Christmas morning.

#1 Ridgid's GEN5X 18-Volt Jobsite Radio with Bluetooth Wireless Technology

Model # R84087

Though technically not a tool, every guy needs some tunes when working. The Ridgid Bluetooth Jobsite radio is one of the coolest radios on the market. Not only do you get AM/FM, but you also have bluetooth capabilities that allow you to stream music straight from your phone. 

Ridgid also has an ap for this radio that will allow you to stream apps such as I Heart Radio. It also comes with a USB port to charge a phone, and can be run off of a Ridgid battery so your not left looking for a power outlet. 

This radio is also extremely (Ridgid) pun intended, and will take a lot of abuse on the job. not to mention, the sound quality is great. 

This is definitely the coolest item for under the tree this year, and will probably be one of the most used items on the entire list year round.    

Well, there you have it. These are the best tools that you can buy your man for Christmas this year. The best part about many of these items is that they won't break the bank, and will make any guy in your life happy Christmas morning.  

All of these tools can be found at the Home Depot simply by clicking the Home Depot Link located on this page. All you need to do is copy and past the model # located directly under the item's picture, and your on your way!

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