Monday, August 28, 2017

Ridgid to launch a new tile, concrete, masonry hand tool program

All new Ridgid XLT Premium Series Tile Tools sole at Home Depot

Ridgid is launching a new program that focuses on tiling hand tools. Even though Ridged has been a leading brand in the tile saw industry for some time, they never hand any other tool to go hand in hand with their wet saw lineup. Now instead of handing that potential sale off to a competing brand, they decided to enter the game and offer their customers a large new array of tools made just for tile  professionals and diy warriors.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Ryobi whole stud finder may possibly be the best stud finder on the market

          Model # ESF5000

There are a lot of great tools from a lot of great companies on the market today, but for some reason, the one thing they all seem to struggle with is making a decent stud finder.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Husky retractable ratchet strap review

Have you ever seen someone driving down the highway at 80 mph carrying a dresser that was about ready to fly out of the back of their truck because they were to lazy to tie it down? If so, it may have been me, as I really hate fumbling around with ratcheting straps. For some reason, I always seem to get frustrated easy while with working the damn things to the point I give up and toss them aside.

Milwaukee Tool Announces all new M12 Compact Brad Nailer in 2024

MILWAUKEE, WI – Milwaukee Tool delivers peak productivity and access to tight spaces on the jobsite with the compact, lightweight design of...