Wednesday, July 29, 2020

The Lockly Vision Smart Lock is the newest Smart Home Gadget to hit the shelves at The Home Depot, But is it really better than other smart devices out there?

Smart home security devices are nothing new. I've tested and owned many of the smart security doorbells and thought they were OK, but they have limitations to them as they really don't add protection except video surveillance. That's why I was excited to try the new Lockly Vision Door Lock as it not only records security video, but literally protects your home or business with a a heavy duty deadbolt.

OK, I know what you are going to say. There are tons of smart door locks and video cameras on the market, so why is the Lockly Vision any different? We for starters, it physically protects your home and business with with a very heavy duty deadbolt. The first thing I noticed what how well this lock was made. It's made. The outer casing is super dense and just feels strong. The deadbolt is also solid and you can definitely tell that there is a level of quality that you just don't see on cheaper locks.

Install  st

I have installed many deadbolts including smart locks, and they all seem to give you a pain in the neck during some point of the install, but the Lockly Vision was the easiest smart lock I have every installed.....EVER!!! The directions were great, but it's truly just so simplistic. Anyone can install this lock and it shouldn't take more than thirty minutes. The best part is, all that you will need for install is a screw driver 


One of the reasons people stay away from smart devices is because they feel dealing with an app or WiFi is to hard. Let me tell you, it's not. The Lockly Vision is able to be set up to your phone via WiFi and give you access to every feature of the lock straight from the palm of your hand. You can lock, unlock the door, give visitors temporary passwords, receive tamper alerts if anyone is trying to break in, and access the live video straight from the 720p built in camera. You can also use the two way speaker and talk with the person standing in front of your door. You can then give access and unlock the door right from your phone if you want, or simply tell them to get lost. The one other feature that I love on the Lockly Vision is the doorbell chime. If someone comes to your door, they can press the ring button on the lock, and it will be heard through the house. The lock will also send an alert to your phone stating that you have a visitor. So yes, the door lock also works as a doorbell.

 Other Features

There are four ways to gain access through this door lock. The first is the Lockly app which you can use to lock and unlock the device. another way is to type in you secrete security code on the digital face of this lock. Mine sits facing the sun directly, but the digital screen is still very bright and easy to read. You simply punch in your cone on the large digital numbers, and that's it. Whats great is the digital number pad constantly switches around the numbers on the pad, so no one will ever be able to guess your code by simply looking at the fingerprints on the screen. The Lockly also comes with a finger print pad that to my surprise, works very well. You can place you finger on this pad, and the door will unlock. You can also add many different prints and security pins to the Lockly Vision straight from the app. The forth way to gain entry is the good old key. Yep, even with all the technology crammed into this device, they still allow you to use a key if you want instead of the other entry ways mentioned. 


By far the Lockly Vision Door Lock is the sleekest, most stylish door lock on the market today. Not only is it built extremely well, but it is simply elegant. The lockly comes with many different colors to help fit you decor, but the brushed nickle was my favorite. Along with the nickle, you get a dark, beautiful tempered glass screen that just ties everything together... it's breathtaking.   


The one thing that may jump out at you at first is the price. The Lockly Vision comes with a $399.00 price tag which may scare off a lot of people, That said, think about what you are actually getting in this one device. A security system, deadbolt, doorbell and an intercom. If you were to buy those sepertly, you would be looking at over $1,000, so now the price for the Lockly does not see all that bad. 


There is only one issue that I found with this entire system, and that is the screen door. Though you can still see who is as the front door, the visitor will not be able to ring the doorbell if the screen door is locked. The Lockly also does not come with a motion detection system, so that was kind of a bummer. I also would have liked to see a 1080p camera on this device, but the 720 still gives you a large viewing area that is fairly clean and without a lot of pixelation. 

All is all, this is an outstanding security device for your home and/or business. It looks great, it works great and it's super easy to setup and use. If your in the market for a smart device that offers tons of features and and adds to the security of you home and/or business, we definitely reccommend the Lockly Vision 

This lock was provided by The Home Depot for review purposes 

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