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Top 10 best coolest tools that we reviewed from the Home Depot in the past three months

If you ever walked through the Home Depot, you know they have some really cool stuff sitting on the shelves that can help you finish any project no matter how big or small, but don't forget about their online selection as you may be missing out on some really cool tools. Here is a list of the top ten coolest tools that we reviewed from the Home Depot Website during the past three months 

Milwaukee Tool

Milwaukee Tool 25 ft. x 1.3 in. W Blade Premium Magnetic Tape Measure with 14 ft. Standout:

The new Milwaukee Tool Standout 14' Tape Measure is actually the newly designed Milwaukee Stud Tape Measure. Its lighter, more compact and just as tough, but the main difference is that it will give you a 14' standout. Well... not really, we were actually only about to get 13' standout when held in the air, but if you hold the tap to the floor, a 14' can be achieved. This is great for anyone working themselves, or looking to measure items at height. All in all, its a really great tape that will hold up on any job.

Milwaukee M18 FUEL 7-1/4in Rear Handle Circular Saw

One of the main tools requested from Milwaukee Tool users was a rear handle circular saw. We would constantly get comments asking when they would be releasing one, but in 2019, Milwaukee answered the call. The saw will run off of any M18 battery, but its best to use the HD 12.0 and 8.0 for maximum power. Its sleek and smooth to operate, and the build quality is just what we expected Milwaukee to give us. That said, there was one minor issue issue that we found with this saw, and that has to do with the bevel lock. There is no auto stop on it, and
could accidentally come off if you loosen it to much. Other that that small detail, the saw is powerful, easy to adjust, built well and has a great line of site. It's definitely worth checking out.

Milwaukee M18 FUEL 9" Cut-Off Saw

I remember seeing and using this saw for the first time during the NPS19 event. If you use a cut off saw, you know that they can be heavy, hard to start, heavy and the fumes are smelly, but not with this. The Milwaukee 9" cut off saw may not be the most powerful cut off saw out there, but it definitely packs a punch. We used it to cut through concrete and really thick metal. There was a pace that you had to follow or it would bog down a bit, but it definitely did everything we asked it to do. Its quiet and much lighter than the gas units. You can also hook up the Milwaukee switch tank up to it which in return provides water to the saw eliminating dust/silica exposure. You will go through a few batteries per job, so make sure you have an extra on the charger, but other than that, it an awesome cut off saw that will slice and dice through metal and concrete with ease

Milwaukee M18 FUEL 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Gen II 18-Gauge Brad Nailer

Milwaukee Tool's first generation nailers were...lets just say, not good. That said, Milwaukee stepped up their game big time with their second Gen Models. I was really impressed with how well this nailer worked. It not only extremely comfortable in the hands, but it will sing one nail after another without hesitation..

There is a single shot mode or bump action. Simply push the activation switch button, and can be changed in a second. The other thing that really stood out to me was how well the depth adjustment worked. It is super easy to use, and the depth setting is perfect every time. We also had no issues at all involving jammed nails or misfires.

The nailer is light, will work on any M18 battery and is supper quick. Definitely check this out as it is one of our top tools of the past quarter.

Milwaukee 15 in. PACKOUT Tool Bag

The Milwaukee Tool PACKOUT system has been a huge hit for Milwaukee, but it's a win, win for all of us as they keep adding to the platform. The Milwaukee PACKOUT 15" Tool Bag is a great addition to the system as its tough as nails and plays a huge role in tool storage. Its a soft case, but the build quality is really good. You can place not only your hand tools in this bag, but power tools as well. Sawzall, routers, drills or anything else you can think of, they will fit.

As for functionality, Milwaukee did a really good job thinking about storage, and ease of use with this bag. The zippers are well made and hefty. The pocket are placed in good areas of the bag, and the straps/handles make it easy to carry. Milwaukee did a great job on this one.

Makita Tools

The Makita 18V LXT Brushless Cordless XPT 3-Speed 1/2" Impact Wrench
This is one that we liked because of how compact it was. It's definitely not the most powerful impact wrench on the market, but it is an awesome tool for mechanics that don't feel like lugging around a 50 tool with an air hose strapped to it.

The digital face is a nice touch on the impact. All modes are easy to switch between, and the power it provides will definitely allow for some lug nut removal. The best thing however is how light this impact is. It's literately the most compact impact wrench I have ever used, and that is a huge importance for when you are trying to get into tight areas, but still need the power.


You may know Dremel for its osculating and rotary tools, but they are much, much more that that. Anyone who has tried to cut out a shape in a piece of wood know you need something that will allow the wood to turn on a dime, and still have enough power to make the cut. There are a few tools that can do this, but the best is a scroll-saw. That's basically what the Dremel Moto Saw is...a small scroll-saw.

It's a light weight, put anywhere, powerful scrolls-saw that allows you to make detailed cuts with ease. You have complete speed control and a your able to cut some half decent size pieces. I would say you are able to cut any material with this saw except metal, but thats ok for the price. You can also vice this down to your work station and it won't go anywhere. It's truly a must have piece of equipment if you are looking to get into fine detail type work.

Another really awesome tool that Dremel provides that you may not have know about is the Heavy Duty Fortiflex rotary tool. This is the most powerful, heavy duty rotary tools on the market today. Whats awesome about this one is that it actually comes with an adjustable speed foot switch. Yep, thats right... just press down with you foot and this bad boy jumps to life with a ton of power to not only carve wood, but to drill through metal if you want.

The build quality is what really shines on this tool. You have a heavy grade metal case along with a very strong hanging bracket that will keep the unit above your head. this allows the wand to hang freely and wont bind up. The wand is also extremely well made and is meant to be used in an engineering or even mechanic shop setting.

There is no bogging down on this tool, and its very well made. If your looking for a rotary tool that will hold up in any environment, and simple too boot, you definitely want to check this one out

Digilab 3D45 Advanced Idea Builder 3D Printer with Built-In WiFi, Guided Leveling and RFID Filament Recognition

Did you know that Dremel Tools makes a 3D printer? Well if not, you do now. The Digilab 3D45 is an awesome (enclosed) printer that not only has a lot of build space, but its protected with a top and side door. I've heard a few people state that they did not care for this unit as you could only use the Dremel filament, but that's not necessarily true. Yes, if you you try to place a 3rd party filament into the Dremel printer, it will not fit, but hey....It's a 3D printer, so you can literally make your own dispenser that works with this printer and your good to go.

As for print build quality, it does a fantastic job. You can adjust the speed and quality for this printer, and everything is super easy to use. I do wish that you could adjust the setting a the machine is in operation, but you cant, so make sure everything is ready to go before you hit (build), or you will need to pause the print and set it from there.

All in all, its an easy to use, very capable, powerful 3D printer that does amazing work. If you need to build part for you car, house or work, or maybe you just want to make a few toys for the kids, its an awesome machine for beginners and/or pros.

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