Saturday, October 21, 2017

Wagner Flexio 2000 HPLV Spray Gun Review

Last month Tool Review Zone did a review on the Wagner Pro paint sprayer and loved it. This month we had a chance to put the new Wagner Flexio 2000 to the test and had a completly different opinion.

The new Flexio 2000 is advertised for painting inside the house such as walls and doors. Its also advertised for outside painting such as decks and fenses.

At first glance, the sprayer looked big. You need to connect the sprayer and the motor together by twisting and snapping the two pieces together. Once you attach the paint container, you somewhat feel like Rambo holding it.

Its large, bulky and downright awkward to handle. The motor is somewhat heavy, and
makes the sprayer want to tilt backwards while holding it. The trigger is also place a good distance away from the handle, so if you don't have Andrea the Giant hand, you may struggle a bit.

The canister that holds the paint will hold 45 ounces, but some of that will be water as you will need to water down most of your paint. Even on the highers settings, it wouldmonly pit out small speckles of paint as it was tomthink. We used Behr paint, but the fact that you need to water down paint on a sprayer this size really disappointed us.

The are a few adjustments that allow you to change the spray pattern, amout of paint being sprayed and a high/low motor setting, However,  none of these settings make a difference if you can't get the paint out of the nozzle.

They also forgot a clog filter on this sprayer, so if you have any dried paint chips or dirt in you canister, it will suck it up and clog your gun.

As for paint splatter, its an issue with the sprayer. For an airless paint gun, it really does put off a lot of overspray. Not only that, but the paint (no matter how thick or thin) comes out in a stream before it fans out. This spitting action left many runs and even globs of paint in places where you dont want them. Its almost like the motor takes a while to get to max output, which in return just pushes the paint out in a stream.

Even with the full pattern going, the paint does not come out smooth ay all. I could probably apply paint better with a garden hose than with the Wagner Flexio 2000. even on a picnic table application you could see splatter marks, so forget about a smooth wall surface.

All in all, the Wagner Flexio 2000 was under powered, bulky, and plain old to weak for the job. I would hesitate to say I would be happy to use this paint sprayer for outside applications.

At the end of the day, we recommend you keep on looking when it comes to the Wagner Flexio 2000, unless you really enjoy cussing a lot while painting.

Check out our video review here

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