Thursday, August 2, 2018

Save you hands and check out the new Ryobi 18v Cordless Bolt Cutter Here. (Full Review) P592

Ryobi P592 18v Cordless Bolt Cutters
There are many businesses out there that have to deal with cutting chains and locks on a daily basis. Just think about shipping containers and storage areas. The only real solution until now is using a manual bolt cutter, but not only can they cause fatigue to the hand, some locks are near impossible to cut with them. The days of knuckle busting are gone, and the all new Ryobi Cordless Bolt cutter is helping with that.

The new Ryobi 18-Volt ONE+ Cordless Bolt Cutters has a lot of people excited. One of the biggest complaints I hear from people is that they or their wife is too small to handle a pair of bolt cutters. Take a look at some of the specs:

  • Up to 3/8 in. cut capacity
  • Over 200 cuts per charge
  • Hot forged steel jaws

The jaws are hot forged and definitely strong enough to handle the hardest of steels like chains, locks, bolts, fencing and wire shelving up to 3/8 in. Ryobi also states that their bolt cutters will perform up to 200 cuts per charge using a Ryobi High Capacity Lithium+ battery. I will have to say that must be using one of their smaller batteries as a larger 5.0 will last much longer than that.
What’s noticeable right away on this cutter is the design that will help minimize hand and arm fatigue typically experienced with a manual bolt cutter. There is also a very clear sight that allows for great
Hot Forged Steel Jaws
visibility of the material being cut.

These bolt cutters also feature separated forward and reverse button that opens and closes the jaws. All that is needed to be done is use one or the other to operate the tool. It also stops immediately once you let go of the trigger.

As for performance, we put it through multiple cutting applications, even greater than recommended just to see how well they would hold up. Metal chain that was a ¼” in diameter was no task to chomp through. Each cut was smooth and clean.

We then upped the game and went straight for the ½” metal lag bolts/screws. Though this cutter was not recommended for this task, it still completed it. They did struggle a bit to make it through the larger bolts, but still completed the job it was sent to do.

After non-stop cutting or chains, nails and bolts, I wanted a rematch between the Ryobi bolt cutter and my nemesis, the American Lock with a ¼” Boron shank. I could not make a dent in this lock with
the manual Milwaukee bolt cutters, and felt I may be defeated again and it was one tough momma.
I placed the shank into the Jaws of Life and pulled the trigger. The cutter hesitated a bit, and then ravaged the metal shank. I went to the other side and the proceeded to make another cut, and again it power housed through the hardened metal.  I was actually very impressed by this.

Separated close and release buttons
At the end of the day, the 18v Ryobi bolt cutter destroyed everything we put in front of it. The only issue I found was that there was a minimal bit of damage located towards the back end of the steel jaws. They were still perfectly safe to use and had no effect on the performance, but the American Lock did leave its mark. That being said, if the jaws ever do get damaged, Ryobi sells replacement jaws for the unit, so no worries.

Impressive is definitely a word that I can use to describe the new Ryobi bolt cutters. They are every bit as tough as they look, and will definitely illuminate any issues you would run into when using manual cutter. I say give them a try and see how awesome they are for yourself!

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