Thursday, January 10, 2019

Husky 52" tool box review (H52CH6TR9HD) ITS A BEST!

Industrial 52 in. W x 21.7 in. D 15-Drawer Tool Chest and Cabinet Combo in Textured Black

I’m sure you seen it. You walk into the Home Depot and POW! The massive 52” tool box from Husky is standing there like a mountain of awesome. It’s one of those items that even if you’re not in the market for it, you still need to walk over and check it out. That’s how awesome this tool box is, but what do we really think of this mega box?
Provided by the Home Depot Prospective Program for review

So the Husky 52” tool box/chest showed up at my doorstep about a month ago, and I could not wait to get this thing out of the box and into the garage. It comes really well protected in the box, so if you are planning to have it delivered, you should not have any issues with damage, but even if you do, they will fix the issues for you.

The only things I needed to assemble on the box was

1    1The casters. They were not hard to get on, but you will need to get under the chest, so this is going to be a two person job. Once you bolt on the (included) 6 casters, you’ll need to stand it up. What’s really nice is that the casters are large and four of them (two on each end) can be locked simply by stepping on the locking lever with your foot. To release,  just step on it again, and now it can be moved around with ease.

2    2. The second thing you will need to install is the large handle on either the (left) or (right) side of the box. This handle is easy to put on, and really help assist you in rolling this box to wherever you need it.

3    3. The third and final item that needs to be installed is the bottle opener. It’s a nice touch for anyone who like a cold one during a hot day in the shop.

These items probably take about 30 minutes to get installed, but once you are done, it’s ready to go.

Now once you have this box ready to go, it’s time to place the top cabinet on the lower chest. Believe it or not, I actually did this myself, but I do not recommend that. I tool all of the drawers out, which really helped lighted the load, and then up she went. Just an fyi… they give you a lifting handle (one on each side) so that two people can place this un top of the lower unit, but I would still recommend removing the shelves as its quick and easy to do, and it really drops the weight.

Each drawer comes with a husky embroidered logo, so just toss those in so you don’t scratch the metal with your tools, but what I really like it that every drawer on this unit is a soft close. You can literally try and slam these closed as hard as you want and they will go in nice and slow. This really helps prevent your tools from getting tossed around when closing these, and again, they are really super easy to remove and put back in when needed.

One of the most prominent features about this unit is the massiveness of this beast. It is by far the largest toolbox I have ever owned, but not only is it huge; it holds a bunch of weight. This unit has fifteen drawers and an easily accessible top till provide an impressive total storage capacity of 37,421 cu. in. Not to mention, the drawers are all fully extendable and glide easily on ball bearing slides that can support up to 120 lbs… Impressive.

You also get a huge storage area on top that had gas struts, which in return keep the lid from slamming. Not only that, you get two (2) outlet strips that have four outlets each. So in total, you get eight (8) outlets, and four (4) USP ports. You will also get keys to lock the top box, bottom chest and a separate lockable drawer, so no worries about anyone coming and swiping you tools when your not around.

As for build, it’s made of 18 gauge steel, and can support up to 2,500 lbs. Would I say it’s the most heavy duty box on the market? No way, but it will definitely hold up well in some of the more abusive areas like the garage, shop, mechanics shop and auto body shops. I’ve even talked to some that said they lifted this up with a forklift a few time, and it was as solid as any other box they lifted.

Now even though this may not be the absolute strongest, thick steel box on the market, the price for what you get with this box is really a steal. I have owned many boxes that came with way less than what you get with this, and they cost me my much, much more.  

At the end of the day, what you get for the price is impressive. It’s a solid box that will definitely hold up and give you great storage capability for years to come.     

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