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The Best All Around UTV Side by Side For 2020 Goes To The Cub Cadet Challenger MX 750. Everything you want in a UTV and more!

Looking for a new side by side Utility vehicle that is a ton of fun, serves as a work vehicle and comes with every upgrade imaginable, but actually cost less than every other UTV on the market, well look no further as the all new 2020 Cub Cadet Challenger UTV is all that and then some.

I've been riding ATVs all my life, but the one the one question I repeatedly get asked is "which makes for a better work vehicle, an ATV or UTV." I actually think that's a great question as an ATV is wonderful to have around the work site. Ranchers, farmers contractors and everyone in between could greatly benefit from having an ATV as they can get you areas that a car or truck wouldn't; not to mention and are great for hauling. That said, would a Sid by Side UTV vehicle work even better for those tasks, and which one will give you the best bang for the buck? Well, this is what I came up

A few months ago, I made a list of everything that I wanted from a UTV. My top requirements came down to these.

1. I wanted something that would help be get work done.
2. Something that was able to make it through rough terrain and mud
3. A dump bed
4. Hard roof and windshield 
5. Something that had hard doors and roof
6. Something that was quick
7. Easy to make road legal.
8. Winch included

Yeah I know, it's a big list that I figured would be near impossible to find without a 50k price tag attached, but as it turns out, there was one UTV that had everything I was looking for and more. Not only that but this UTV was actually cheaper than any other UTV on the market!

One of my subscribers told me to check out the Cub Cadet UTV Challenger Series. Heck, I didn't even know Cub Cadet made UTVs. I mean, I've owner their Lawn Mowers for years, but a UTV....Really? Well it turns out that Cub Cadet has actually been making UTVs for many years now. I was curious, so I went to their site and there they were. I started look at some of the specs, and to my surprise...they offered everything that was on my list plus more STOCK!

I was pumped, everything on my wish list came stock on the Cub Cadet UTV, but there was even more. Let me tell you just what it came with.

1. Winch
2. 26" tires with chrome alloy wheels
3. hard roof and doors
5. Full Windshield with power wiper
6. Tail light, head lights (high and low beams), turn signals and 4 ways
7. roll cage
8. 1' ground clearance
9. horn
10 4 wheel and 2 wheel drive
11. differential lock (front and back)
12. Dump bed
13. Side Mirrors

and much, much more! I couldn't believe what I was seeing. All of this for around $12,699.00!?!?!?

Ok, but what about the specs?

  • Engine Displacement735cc
  • Engine Output37.5 HP
  • Fuel Tank Capacity7.6 GAL.
  • Air CleanerDual-element
  • IgnitionElectronic Fuel Injection (EFI)
Drive System
  • Transmissionautomatic CVT, on-demand 2WD/4WD
  • SpeedUp to 45 mph
  • Rear Differential LockSelectable Locking
  • FrameSteel tubing, reinforced with high-strength low alloy (HSLA) steel
  • ProtectionSteel tube
  • DirectionRack and Pinion, tilting steering wheel
  • BrakesHydraulic disc
  • Seat TypeBench with center cup-holders, 2 seats
  • Front Wheels26" x 9-14"
  • Travel9" Front, 8.2" Rear
  • Available ColorsYellow, Camo available for additional cost, Black
  • MirrorsStandard Side View
  • RoofStandard
  • Rear Brake LightsStandard
  • Turn SignalsStandard
  • DoorsHigh-sided doors with interior and exterior handles, internal steel components
  • Towing/Payload1,100 lbs.
  • Towing Capacity1,200 lbs.
  • Minimum Ground Clearance12 in.
  • WinchIncluded, 3,500 lbs.
  • Cargo Bed Payload500 lbs.
  • Bed Dimensions34" x 46" x 11"
  • Receiver2" - Class 1
  • Suspension Front/RearIndependent Dual A-Arm
  • Weight (approx.)1,580 lb.
  • Wheelbase76.8"
Additional Specifications
  • Headlight(s)LED daytime running lights (high/low beam)
  • Model Number37AY7CKK710
  • Warranty

Ok, now lets talk about delivery and how this machine operates 

The 2020 Cub Cadet 750 Challenger UTV showed up early in the morning and was completely assembled. It was an absolutely beautiful sight to see, and I remember having a big grin on my face as all the neighbors started peeking their heads around the corner to see what it was. When they fired it up, I remember heard this low, deep rumble and thinking to myself..."this is going to be fun.'

As it rolled off the trailer, the sun was reflecting off the wheels. The deep yellow and black color was beautiful, and the look of the UTV screamed BEAST! I was in complete aw thinking of all the work that would get done, and all the fun that would be had. I was a bit over whelmed at first looking at all the switches and buttons, but the delivery driver was rally helpful. He went over everything I needed to know, and basically had me on my way in less than five minutes.

Though the outside of the 750 Challenger is awesome, it interior (dare I say) is even cooler. The seats are leather!!!!All of the switches are right there at arms length for you, and the cap is extremely spacious. I am 6' tall, and the leg room is awesome. The head room is also great, and it really mitigates the chance of bumping your head while getting in, getting out and while driving.

The dash is also beautiful as it comes with a digital display (speed, 4 and 2 wheel drive indicator and warning lights) an odometer and gas gauge. It's basically like what you would see in a car or truck AMAZING! You also have a lot of storage options and a 12v outlet for power.

Work Vehicle     

I couldn't wait to put this baby to work. The Challenger series has a manual dump bed that will haul up to 500 lbs. I filled it with dirt, rock, tools and everything else I could think of. Once I got the material where I needed it, I simply pulled up on the dump handle, and everything came sliding out. The bed liner is super tough and really add a lot of protection to the machine. The tailgate really allowed me to position the material and dump it in a tight area. All components of the bed are mad with reinforced steel, so it will basically last you for ever.

I simply could not believe how well it handles the weight in the bed, and I was just as amazed with how well it toes. It comes with a standard ball hitch attachment, and I have been using it to pull my 6x12 trailer around. It's smooth and super powerful.

Is it fun?    

Not only is this a work vehicle, but it's a let have some fun vehicle. I have been taking this on the back trails which include hills, rough terrain and lots of mud. I am telling you now, this will go through anything you put in front of it. In Ohio, we have hard clay soil, so I was not sure that would be a factor, but wow I was taking this beast through everything and anything I could find. Not once did I need the winch, which I was actually excited to use, but it was crazy. The ride is also so smooth. The air shocks take the full brunt of the road. With the 26" ties and suspension that this comes with, you will feel nothing but comfort. It was truly outstanding and we hand an absolute blast driving this.

Road Legal? 

Well, that depends on your state and local laws. Here in Ohio, you can drive a UTV/Side by Side on the road legally, but it has to have a few features like mirrors, horn, muffler, windshield and lights/turn signals. These come standard on the 750 Challenger, so that was easy. On other UTVs, you would have to buy a kit for all of this which would cost a few thousand easy, and that doesn't even include install. So basically, I all had to do is get insurance, registered the vehicle and get a tag. That said, if you are planning on driving these on the road, speak with you local law enforcement to see what you would need to be legal and safe.

Final thoughts    

Wow, what an amazing machine the 2020 Cub Cadet Challenger UTV is. Not only does it look awesome, sound awesome and perform awesome, it's just something that you are all around proud to drive. I get so many people coming up to me asking what this is? Where do you get it? CAN I BORROW IT!?!? Literally neighbors that I have never spoken to before are staopping just to start a conversation about it. 

It drives and handles like a dream, the options that you get for the price is second to none, and the build quality is simply awesome. Not to mention, it goes 50 mph! At the end of the day, I have to give the the title of best all around UTV for 2020, and I highly recommend you check it out at your local dealer if in the market for one. 

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