Monday, August 13, 2018

The Milwaukee Cordless Table Saw Is Simply Awesome and Will Hold It's Own Against Any Corded Saw. (Check out what we thought about this beast here!) Model # 2736-21HD

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Cordless Table Saw Model # 2736-21HD

If you would have told me ten years ago that someday that there would be a battery powered table saw on the market, I would have laughed at you. Not only that, if you told me that it would be just as powerful as a corded version, I would not only continue to laugh, but probably think you were a bit loopy. Wow, have times changed.

I got the new Milwaukee Fuel Table saw last week, and threw the new 12.0 battery in it. I figured that it would probably have some power as it was being supplied by the monster 12.0, but I was blow away with how much power it actually had.

When I threw the power switch on, it starred as if it was a soft start. Very smooth without any jolting or shaking like I get on many of my corded saws. One of the most notable changes was the db level. It’s actually very quiet for a table saw, and was much quieter compared to the others I own.  
I started feeding 2x4s and plywood through the saw, and it was probably the best cut I ever witnessed. The 2x4’s came out so smooth, it actually looked as if they were sanded. There was not a single ripple in the wood, and the plywood went through effortlessly. I was blown away with not only the power of this saw, but the perfect cuts I was able to make.

As for build, the saw is made of a heavy molded plastic, but there is a metal backing behind the face plate of this saw. This allows the depth adjustment and bevel adjustment to be made easily. Each adjustment was smooth and easy to make. Not to mention, the depth adjustment is probably one of
the fastest I have used.

As for table length, (Yes) you can cut full sheets of plywood with this. The fence is actually set up to be used as an extended part of the table. Just flip over the metal guide that in built into the fence, and the plywood glides right up it. Very smart design!

Not only do you get the awesome fence, you get the miter gauge, push stick, blade and two riving arms. One is attached to the safety guard. This is another great design as all you have to do is flip a lever and pull up on the riving to take it out. Simply replace it with the other one and close the lever. It’s effortless.

As for the one Key, the saw hooks up directly to your phone and can be tracked if needed. It can also tell you everything you need to know about the saw, including battery information, who is using it, what jobsite it is on and a lot more.

I really am impressed with this saw, and lover the power it has (5,800 RPM!). It looks compact, but will do any job (large or small) that you need it to. Not to mention, the portability of this saw is extremely important as I don’t always have electricity available.  It’s also much lighter than many of the corded saws out there. Definitely check this out if you have the chance. You won’t be disappointed!

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